Bravest Life // Rachie Davi

Walking Out // Rachel Davidson Ft. Polo Vasquez




Hooked on an array of musical genres from the moment she was first graced by melody and composition, Rachel Davidson taps into her unconditional love of sound to launch her own career in music.

Brought up on a musical diet of Samba in her homeland of Brazil, she developed a special relationship with the scintillating sounds that became the soundtrack of her early childhood. Rachel's palette further developed after her move to her mom's hometown in Louisiana, where she was enamored by and instantly hooked on the newly found sounds of jazz, country, classical and pop music.

Inspired by artists such as Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, Rachel is now using her own incredibly harmonious voice to carve out her signature sound. Her lyrics paint vivid depictions of her own experiences throughout life, while gracing listeners her tapestry of musical knowledge.

Rachel has been entertaining the entirety of her existence. From performing in church choirs to singing on private CD’s, the goal is now fully focused into creating 1,000 of her own musical productions, with the dream of these songs becoming part of listeners' most meaningful moments in life.

She is now putting the finishing touches together on her next single. The song, which features the works of a professional pianist as well as the singer's own incredibly pristine voice, will be out at the end of this year.



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